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​      Acceptance Rates at Ivy League schools (2014): Harvard University: 5.9%, Princeton University: 7.28%, Yale University: 
6.72%, Columbia
      University: 6.94%, Brown University: 8.6%, Dartmouth College: 11.5%, Univ. of Pennsylvania: 9.9%, Cornell University: 14%. Other Top  
​      College Acceptance Rates (2013): Stanford University: 5.69%, MIT: 8.2%, University of Chicago: 8.81%, Northwestern University: 13.9%,  
      Washington University (St. Louis): 15.01%, Johns Hopkins: 17%, University of California, Berkeley: 20.8%, University of Notre Dame: 22.3%. 

Getting into Ivy League schools and top colleges is more competitive than ever before. Learn the ​inside secrets of what it takes to get in and maximize your chances of admission to your top choice college.   

In addition to academic achievement, Ivy League schools and top colleges are looking for students who have passion and show an unusual depth of commitment and leadership. We guide students from the inside out, making sure that they are living up to their highest potential. 

At Ivy League Potential, your student will work directly under the guidance of a former Harvard interviewer trained in college admissions by the deans of admission of Ivy League schools and top colleges (including Harvard, Princeton, Brown, Stanford, and Northwestern). 
We offer services that activate the potential of motivated high school students: a strong network of tutors and the development of research projects that are very impressive to college admissions officers. Even if students are not at the top of their class, they can engage in meaningful work and activities that set them apart in the eyes of admissions officers.   

Get timely advice on how to fill out every part of your application so that you can tip the scale in your favor. Brainstorm college essay topics, review successful college essay examples, and learn how to write a college application essay that tells your story in a unique and compelling manner. Get professional guidance on creating unique research projects, participating in impressive extracurricular activities, winning awards, and showcasing your genius.   

Review college acceptance rates and strategize on whether to apply early action, early decision, or regular decision. Develop a plan to improve SAT and ACT scores through one-on-one tutoring, decide when to superscore, and learn how to use score choice. Learn the most common college interview questions and practice before your real interview.

Many students are getting college coaches to help them through the college application maze. Don't be left behind. Invest in Your Future. 
With over 45 years of practice, we're dedicated to making sure that you are able get exactly what they need and deserve. 

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